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LED Lighted Chart Holder

and other safety products.

The Quality of man-machine interface in an aircraft cockpit is a permanent concern to the aircraft designer and the airline management alike.

During critical flight phases, in spite of ever increasing electronics aids, the pilots still have to decipher a number of paper documents. It is important that such reading is made as easy as can be in order not to detract them from the piloting and navigation priorities.

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These chart holders conveniently put critical information where you need it.

Safety is enhanced by lighted chart holders and they are recommended by the NTSB and the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) (Business and Commercial Aviation January 1994.)

1Flexible arm swing into variable positions to optimize light distribution and chart visibility. 2Provides an ideal place for "tole cards" and sticky notes. 3Swiss designed and engineered like a fine watch.

Chart-holders proposed by Madelec Aero has been designed in close cooperation with cockpit experts and airline crews for pilot's maximum comfort and ease of operation. They can be installed either on the control wheel or on the side-walls, depending on the cockpit design and their aesthetic has been particularly cared for to ensure best impression and maximum appeal. Well proven for years in commercial flights with numerous airlines around the world.